S2 Status Report

Status: Functional

See the diary for the latest details.

Stuff that needs doing:

In no particular order:

Direct (not library) support for some SRFIs

In particular, SRFIs 7 (Feature-based program configuration language) and 10 (Sharp-Comma External Form) seem to call for reader-level support. Since S2 is really just a glorified reader it should provide it.

Rewrite output routines

The time has come to write the lexical-encapsulation method of name resolution. I need it for the CryptoGnome anyway. It doesn't help with scoping macros, but nothing does unless I expand them myself. That's not going to happen for a while, yet.

Attach the Scheme48 module parser

There is actually some support for this at present, but it has bugs due to inadequate testing. S2 only cuurently supports the define-structure form. define-interface and define-structures are the next steps. I actually expect to do define-structures first so that cycles in the module structure of a program can be more easily (and accurately) dealt with.

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David Rush
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