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Subject: Re: Surprising performance results (or Larceny Rocks!)

David Rush  writes:
> For my benchmark I used 1000 words randomly culled from
> /usr/dict/words on Solaris 2.6. All the code was run on an unladen
> swallow^W Sun Ultra-60 running Solaris 2.8

As a number of you mentioned, I neglected to put the compiler options
used into the message. There were two reason for that: 1) I pretty
much used only the "Out-Of-The-Box" versions of the compilers, and 2)
My wife called me on the phone telling me to come home in the middle
of composing the message ;)

With option details

Scheme     time   Options
-------- -------  ---------------
larceny   97.30u  Note: this was the `thesis' release, not 1.0a1
stalin   113.03u  stalin -On -t -d1 dhist.stalin
bigloo   235.63u  bigloo dhist.bigloo
chicken  410.29u  chicken -optimize -usual-integrations
                          -unsafe -fixnum-arithmetic
PLT      689.90u  mzc -z --unsafe-skip-tests

chicken 1031.29u  chicken dhist.chicken

As you can see, I did allow turn on some optimizations for PLT and
Chicken. I was giving PLT some extra slack because it was running
bytecode. Chicken was very slow without optimizations, but more about
that elsewhere.

david rush 
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David Rush
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